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This is now a high tech era. Smartphones have got users in all the age categories. Smartphones have become a removable part of the human body.

The smartphone has made available a lot of resources just on a click. Keeping in mind these things, Developers have released A lot of apps available for keeping a track record of your transactions say khatabook, ok credit, etc. in this post, we are going to check out one very simple yet powerful, multi-featured Billing App "Vyapar".

Doing business and compliances are time-consuming. But what if this can be simplified by using the "Vyapar App".

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“Vyapar is on a mission to offer small businesses simple and economical software to do their billing, accounting & inventory management”

Vyapar is a feature-rich app, the following are some of the main features of the app:

1. Make GST Bills & Share with your Customers

  • Create professional GST bills according to GST law (goods and service tax law) in India.

  • It is the best GST billing and accounting software for small business owners.

  • It works both online & offline.

  • Easily share your proforma invoices with other business owners on whatsapp or email.

  • Vyapar provides 10+ GST bill formats and invoices templates to choose from (Tally accounting software-based format included) and make business owners' life easy.

  • The invoice can be printed in different sizes like A4, A5 or 2 inches, 3 inches, etc.

  • Easily plug in your thermal printers or connect to your regular printer via Bluetooth and start printing your professional invoices in no time using this invoicing software.

  • Generates reports like GSTR-1, GSTR-2, GSTR-3B, makes easy compliance of GST.

2. Keep your cash book completely digital & updated and thus no need to use separate software.

3. Check Inventory Instantly:

  • you can see your stock status live, enable low-stock alerts & get detailed information about your inventory whenever you want.

  • you can track complete inventory quantity and stock value along with information on parameters like expiry date, batch number, slot number etc.

  • It helps you keep stock control using its inventory management system while you are doing your billing, proforma invoices and purchases.

  • If you have a large inventory, directly import items through excel sheet. All you have to do is download a sample excel sheet, add stock information as per the format provided, upload your file to Vyapar app and it’s done!

4. Data Safety and Security

  • If your data is unsafe, your business is in danger. Therefore Vyapar app helps you keep your data secure in your own device.

  • Vyapar software automatically takes the backup of all your data at regular times to the private and secure location in an encrypted format to avoid any chance of losing them due to device change or damage.

5. Share Products/Services Online With Image

  • A product image is important, as it creates a good impression on the buyer.

  • An image enhances the product description which makes it easy for the Customer to appeal you and save your time.

  • A buyer closely checks the product images by zooming them, these images give them an idea of how it would suit their utility.

Comparison with other Software?

*Prices are subject to change without prior notice by the respective vendors.

How to download the App?

The app is available for both Mobile & Desktop PC. This cross-platform feature attracted me to use the software.

You can take trial for 30 days before having a subscription. To download click on below links:

1. Download for Desktop - Windows

2. Download for Android

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Additional Benefits You will receive Additional months free subscription:

Sr. NO. Subscribed for Additional Months Total

1 12 months Additional 3 month Free 15 months

2 18 months Additional 3 month Free 21 months

3 36 months Additional 6 month Free 39 months

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Prices mentioned above are as on 16/04/2020, which are subject to change before any prior notice by the Developers of Vyapar App.

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