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The Truce

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

A truce can be the most important part of war.

Truce: an agreement between enemies or opponents to stop fighting or arguing for a certain time. (युद्धविराम in Hindi & Marathi)

Why don't we get personal here? I mean to say will share my story here.

I had cleared my 2nd group of CA-Final in November 2017 only, so I was remained with only 1st group of final. So this was the November 2018 attempt. I started my studies as always after the results somewhere around August 1st week. (Not to mention I failed miserably in May Attempt) I started with all the 4 subjects having weekly targets and all the planning. Some I achieved some I altered.

So In the middle of September, I was giving some Online test for Strategic Finanacial Management (SFM) paper. I used to assume I had hold on SFM till that time, then came the shock of my life. I had given 2 test of 35 marks each and I scored 12 and 13 marks respectively. What happened before one of the test was, I read one formula some 2-3 minutes before the test and I was not able to recall it properly and failed to solve the particular 8 mark question. And then I realized that it is not gonna work this way. The subject on which (I assumed) I have hold is slipping just like that, then what about the other subjects??? Then all the negativity assumed me. It forced me to think upon the already laid plan. to alter it.

That is when the TRUCE becomes the most important part of war.

So, then I gave it a thought and changed my strategy for the rest of the time before the attempt (Almost 40-42 days). I decided to take on SFM and LAW only. Somewhere, I knew (or I thought) preparing for all the subject will lead "Not only to a failure but also my chances of scoring a exemption in SFM will be evaporated."

And guess What??? Yes! I scored 79 marks in SFM and some 50 odd in Law in that attempt.

What I want to say is that: Sometimes taking a step back is not like you are defeated or something. Sometimes this is what required to take a Big Leap. But in doing this you must stick to the process I must say. What I did after that, ,in those 40 odd days was: 1st: Always Back your Decision:

You have taken the decision. you had something in mind while taking the decision. Always remember that thing so that whenever the clouds of uncertainty, fear floats around you, remind yourself that reason to clear up your mind.

2nd: Avoid the ones who will give free advice, BE WISE. People around us, Intentionally or otherwise will throw their words but what to catch or what to drop is totally on us. Avoid the ones who are there just to create havoc in your life. 3rd: Be Calm, Be cool, Be courageous:

There will come time, you will doubt your preparation, the efforts you put in, your mind will go on merry-go round. But what is important on that time is to have faith in your efforts and not doubting it. Trust the process and stick to it, it will definitely fetch the BIG result.

4th: Go ALL IN

When you make such decision, you must make sure that you make it. How is that?? By not letting a single stone unturned. What I did was

i. Practice Manual (At least twice that too practicing each question in writing)

ii. Study Material (Practiced all questions, marked if felt important)

iii. All the available RTPs (i.e. 13) on that time (Practiced all questions, marked if felt important)

iv. Writing all the Important formulae almost everyday

v. Chapter like Leasing, Capital Budgeting which have Long answers including much calculation part solved with having a eye on the watch i.e. Time Management

Some might not agree with my above strategy but the analysis you have to do is by yourself. Afterall, A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush."

Now the night is coming to an end

The sun will rise and we will try again

[From twenty one pilots]

And Always Remember: "Life is predictable, It wont surprise you beyond your KARMIC contribution in it."

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