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Updated: Jun 22, 2020

What happens sometimes is even after our sincere and continuous efforts what we get is unfavorable results. And then comes the point where we just want to give up on things. We feel let down, betrayed and shattered. Negativity creeps into your mind like a sneaky thief. Lurking behind shadows. Stealing your confidence.

This is out of our reach and it's grown

This is getting to be drone

I'm a negative creep and I'm stoned!

[From Negative creep]

That is when Perseverance comes into play!!!

Its a big word. Meaning and spelling both!!!

By persistence, it definitely does not mean the process which lead to failure should be followed every time until you get success. It never gonna happen. Path which earlier had lead you towards failure wont lead you to Success Right? Its never gonna happen in this lifetime at all.

यथासांग ते कर्म काही घड़ेना II घड़े कर्म ते पुण्य गाठी पड़ेना II

- समर्थ श्रीरामदासस्वामी

The above line sums up our misery perfectly!

What is required is not reflected in our actions. And actions which we take not fetching favorable outcome. Always remember there is only 1 Degree Celsius difference between steam and water.

Then What????

I cleared my Second group of CA-FINAL in 7th attempt and I must say that in last four attempts I Scored 176, 181, 189 and 190 that too without any exemption. That was frustrating. And every time it was different subjects which were letting me down or lets put it the other way, I was letting those subjects down by not knowing what they require of me.

What I know on that time was I am close! I am Very Very close! But I was not knowing the thing to get out of it. What stood out with me after every failure was MY WILL. I was always prepared in my mind to prepare again. That kept me moving. Things I tried in midst of such failures was:

1. Change the strategy which didn't worked the last time: It means change the Author, change the books (don't use the used one), change the preparation way (No matter how simple the question is I am gonna solve it in writing).

2. Attention! Things you used to skip or ignore must be focused: In case of DT (Direct Taxes) & IDT (Indirect Taxes) I was not very keen on doing all the case laws as the volume was substantial in terms of number of pages. But What I realized later on (or can say one friend of mine made me realize) that It is asked for 32 marks in combine (DT & IDT). ROI is much higher in this case. As you have the assurance that it is going to be asked in the exams.

3. Body, Heart, Mind and Soul must come together!:

Body: By putting Junk and Non-Veg, we put our body on recovery mode. Whats is actually required is keeping it at elevated mode by sticking to a healthy Veg diet. One must curb on the spicy food as well. As it leads to तामसी स्वभाव (one who is always angry or irritated).

Heart: Avoid Negative thoughts, negative people & relationships. keep it motivated from inside. जुनून must be there.

Mind: Don't feed the mind with irrelevant data. Like when you are preparing for subjects like ISCA (Information System Control & Audit) you can't afford to listen a single song.

Soul: जुनून must be followed by सुकून. Put your effort in such a way that there must be some satisfaction.

This is what worked for me. Not necessarily the same will work for you but here I tried to put very general things which works on almost every individual.

तपेंवीण दैवत दिधल्याविण प्राप्त । गुजेंविण हित कोण सांगे ॥३॥ - [अभंग पांच, हरिपाठ]

Nothing comes free in life. We have to pay big price for things which are precious. So May be its time to take the steering wheel, step on that accelerator, and drive that f*$%ing car straight to the finish line.

And Always Remember: "Life is predictable, It wont surprise you beyond your KARMIC contribution in it."

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