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How to score 75+ Marks in CA Final - Strategic Financial Management?

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Following are few simple yet effective observations that can help you improve your scores greatly:

  1. Always try to cover full 100 marks paper, always remember 6 average answer fetch more marks than 5 good answers.

  2. Time management during the exam is very crucial. Allocate 25-30 mins each for a 16 marks question. Keep watch on time consistently. If you are unable to finish 16 marks question within 30 mins then skip the question as it is and move ahead with next question. I would recommend to invest 4-5 more minutes if you are near to conclusion of the answer and can complete it precisely. Otherwise, it is advisable to move ahead. At any cost do not invest more than 35 mins. on 16 marks question.

  3. Solve the question in a step wise manner. Answers are evaluated in a step wise manner. Jumping to the conclusions abruptly, can cost you marks.

  4. Ensure calculation accuracy, always make sure you use same calculator in exam as that you use while practicing at home.Tabular format helps a lot in improving calculation accuracy.

  5. Always write formula for formula based questions and explain abbreviations used in the formula, below the formula itself. Only writing the formula is not enough, you must give details of abbreviations used in the formula. My formula, ranking, calculations are correct, but only because I didn't explain abbreviations, it costed me 1 mark. This was the paper where I secured 59 marks.

Further, my presentation was ugly in this particular answer. Avoid such mistakes during exams.

Extract of my Answer Sheet:

Extract of Suggested Answers:

6. Attempt those questions first which you are very sure about. If In the answer book, there are scratches in the very first answer it gives bad impression and further, may cost you marks in questions attempted afterwards.

This was my first question in the answer book, due some confusion, i had made a mistake and scratches appeared on the very first page of my answer book. Although my final answer was correct but, I could secure only 6/8 marks in the question.

Extract of my Answer book:

Extract of suggested answers:

Further, in Q.6(b) which I attempted later on in the answer book, my whole answer was correct, but due to mistakes at the start, I could secure only 5 marks. (Always remember first impression on the mind of examiner is critical.)

Extract of my Answer Book:

Extract of suggested answers:

7.Write your assumptions clearly, if you are making any assumption w.r.t. anything for e.g. interpretation of any particular line in the question etc. Never make assumptions with respect to numbers.

8. Always attempt each sub question on a new page.

9. Read questions carefully,

for e.g.

a. If the question asks you to calculate pretax return and you provide post tax returns, it will not help.

b. If the question specifies that round up calculations to two digits you have to round up, otherwise all your calculations will mismatch with the expected answer instead of being conceptually correct.

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