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Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Hello everyone,

In my earlier articles you can have glimpse of my CA-FINAL journey. Compelling you loud and clear, things which are needed when you go through difficult times. The choices you have to make at those times which in return makes your future.

You can read those articles by clicking on the following links:



Today, I want to share my IPCC journey, which in it's own is a story of HARDWORK followed by LUCK! A much needed one I will say!

Instead of starting with 1st attempt, lets go to climax directly!

Rewind to 09/02/2012, the result was expected to be declared around 2 pm.

On 8th of February I went to branch office in Aurangabad (MH) and bought the Practice Manuals for Taxation and one other subject. That was my confidence with the result. On result day we were playing cricket since morning till 4 pm, I remember it fondly. So when we were taking a break on that time one of us made an announcement that results are declared and the heartbeats started to go up-down rapidly (like someone playing on 99 might have).

One of my roommate who was expecting a positive result got out on 189 (Heartbreak). Silence in the room. Then it was my turn to check the result. Mobile phone of my Roommate was S3310 (red color) and it doesn't show result in one go as the android phones usually do now a days. You have to scroll almost up side down to see your final result. But In all honesty I was not at all in hurry to look for final result, so I went one by one with full commentary on marks in Individual subject I got.

Then I entered my details and It showed my name and I scrolled down a little to Paper 1: Accounting- 43 Marks (In this paper there was a confusion on my part about time left and I made a huge blunder. Result of which I could only manage to write the paper of some 60 odd marks) 43 from 60 is good, one might say but not enough if this was the subject you wanted to count on.

Scroll down some more, Paper 2: Business Laws, Ethics and communication- 42 Marks (Considering the time I spent in exam hall i.e. 80-85 mins is very good score) I manage to write paper in 80 mins and I submitted the paper and came back home. (You sensed it right, after the 1st paper I literally gave up)

Scroll down a little. Paper 3: Cost Accounting and Financial Management- 58 Marks (Miracle, Miracle, hahaha) (Again in this paper too I manage to write paper in 90 mins)

Some of you might have already calculated what is required! But as they say, never bring math into the equation! I was so tangled in the thoughts of coming so closer and not getting an exemption. Knowing what to expect next. And the thoughts of regret came down to my heart from my mind and i was filled with emotions.

I scrolled it down to see myself getting 57 marks in the final Paper of Taxation. And I was speechless, no exemption again! just when i was on the verge of crying one of my roommate asked me to scroll some more and there it was

Total 200

Result PASS

and I just threw the mobile and I was dancing like (No descriptions needed I guess)

You know people Don't give a damn what you suffered and went through. We all are more interested in THE END. Many of you might also wondering how this is possible to get such marks in some 90 mins of writing. But this is evident by my experience and many of my friends who were there with me. Before this I got 189 in last attempt. (P.S. I don't suggest to leave the exam hall before given 3 hours, hahaha)

What happened in that attempt was, I slept for 26 days in my library (alone) as I was habitual of night studies. I got 189 in that attempt. No Exemptions. I was shattered and I almost decided to call it because I thought this was the maximum I can put in and still I am not getting the desired result.

Our action and luck is something different yet inseparable.

When you read the story about how I got 200 marks, you will start to believe in luck until you read my story where I got 189 in the earlier attempt. I think it was the Hardwork of that attempt paid off in the next attempt.

* * *

After the 1st group exams I went to Pune Immediately (On insistence of my parents to give it a last shot, this time around both the group together) (These was Pre-Result period) So, I joined IT-SM and Audit classes (40 odd days). Couldn't join Advanced Accounting classes as the class duration was of 3 months. So I decided to do it on my own (Just like the 1st group).

Fast forward: So, This was around April-2012, I was preparing for an exemption in IT-SM (as I was not left with much time) (Because I was busy in Orientation Programme and all the formalities of the article-ship). As I had done the classes recently and did those very attentively, I started to teach IT-SM to my friends in library.

One fine day when we were revising, one of our friend came up with question on AS-11, with no choice left I had to focus on the discussion on hand. (Sometimes we have to decide between bad choice and no choice at all, hahaha)To my surprise the same question was asked in exam for 16 marks. May be it was meant to happen! And that is when you think that Fortunes really favors the brave!

I heard of History repeating itself but never experienced it personally, before 07/08/2012. It was almost 11 in the night when one of my friend call me and told me that, results were declared. Result which was supposed to be declared around 2 pm in the day. This time around I had android phone in my hand, I entered the details, and came the biggest surprise of my life till that day.

Owner of the page is the evidence of this, as we were sitting back and forth in exam hall and our 3rd colleague was also in the same hall. I sat full 3 hours only in IT-SM paper, 90 mins in Advanced Accounting paper and 55 mins in Audit Paper. With all honesty I can confess that getting 46 in Advanced Accounting was sheer luck!!! 16 marks in 46 is game changing! But yet again, you will have zero luck if you don’t shoot at all. Even if you take your shot under the best of circumstances, it will still have the probability of not going in by a fraction. In the end, fortune is something that even the best of skills cannot interfere but there will be no fortune if there is no action towards it! But we live in a time in which sometimes we have to serve in ways, we don't anticipate. None of us is perfect. but we do our best because We and People around us are worthy of our best. We trust our instincts as we fight our daily fights. Some we'll win, Some we won't and some we'll know only in time but we live each night hopeful that today's sacrifices have been worth it. That our instincts have not led us astray and that our best has been good enough. [Copied from Designated Survivor]

Alas, you should not stop on shooting your shot!

Afterall, "Life is Predictable, It won't surprise you beyond your KARMIC contribution in it."

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